torsdag 25 september 2014

Instagram pictures

I know most people reading this blog have Instagram so these pictures will be repeats for you. For the ones that don't follow my everyday life through my phone, here are some pictures from August and September. 
 1. Alicia braided my hair for delivery, and completely jinxed it. 2. Seb getting ready to vote at the Swedish consulate. 3. Morning walks around the piers. 4. Sunday walk in West Village. 5. Candy from Sockerbit in West Village. 6. Seb working out while his supporting wife fills the water bottle. 
1. Breakfast pizza at Cookshop. 2. View from our rooftop. 3. The High Line in the early morning before tourist wake up. 4. Belly shot from above week 36. 5. Afternoon nap time. 6. Bathroom selfie week 38. 

onsdag 24 september 2014

The day after the due day

My due date was yesterday and here I am still pregnant. The baby must be having a cozy time in there…

I'm occupying my time with going to classes, napping and listening to podcasts. Everyday I try to go for a walk just to get some air, and the city has been delivering wonderful early fall weather. 

This morning I had a doctors appointment and took a slow walk through the park from the west side where the subway is, to the east side where the doctors office is. It was sunny, the air was crisp and a million dogs everywhere with their dog walkers. It made me so happy to see all the puppies and their joy to be running freely without leases dragging them down. 

You would think since I have a camera on my phone that I would use it… But sadly no. I have no pictures to show today. I know blogs get a thousand times more interesting with pictures. Maybe next time. I've been on the sofa since I got home from school and just finished a two hour Skype with my family. Now I'm just going to stay here, watch some TV shows and relax. I hope everybody is keeping their fingers crossed that the baby will want to come out soon. I'm afraid it won't happen until October...

How far are you along? 40 + 1. 

Total weight gain? 45lbs. 20kg. I actually had lost 3 pounds this week!

Any stretch marks? My poor poor belly! It won't be able to take it much longer. I got a few stripes here and there.

Are you having a lot of movement? Yes, the little feet love to kick my ribs all night. 

Food cravings? Carbs. And milkshake. Just because I can and I feel like I'm worth it.  

Maternity clothes? Yep, still… 

Belly button in, or out? Still flat. I don't think it will ever pop out. 

fredag 12 september 2014

3rd Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary earlier in August. I can't believe it's been three years already! In one way it feels like we have been married for ages, but since we are in our 9th year as a couple that feeling of familiarity is not so strange. I knew before I even had spoken to Seb that he would be the man I would end up marrying. It is easy to admit that now, it was a lot more difficult to have that thought in the back of my head when we first started dating. As usual my gut feeling turned out to be true, and gives me reason to never stop listening to it even in doubt. 

Back to this year and that day in August. We wanted to do something, preferably a trip to a small Italian town or maybe a Peru hiking trip. The obvious financial reasons and well maybe the pregnancy had something to do with that to, we could not leave the city. So we decided to take a tour around it instead. It was a hot day and it felt so good to step on to a boat and spend 3 hours on the water with fresher air and a nice breeze. Since this is Seb and I we had booked a brunch cruise, so not only did we get to see the city from the waterfront, we also got to enjoy four courses of brunch including making our own waffles! They were definitely the highlight of the outing for me! And of course just getting to spend a few hours with my husband reminiscing about our wedding day and seeing how different our life is than we even could have expected. 

If any of our dear fans that usually come visit us are reading this, I really recommend taking a boat tour the next time you come visit. It was really interesting to hear about the city's history, all the bridges and different buildings. Many of you have been here a few times now and taking a boat tour would definitely be something new for all of you! I wish this was a famous blog and I was a famous blogger, then this post would probably have been sponsored and I would have received the tour for free + some other reward. Oh well, back to waiting for the baby to make it's entrance in to this world.