torsdag 25 september 2014

Instagram pictures

I know most people reading this blog have Instagram so these pictures will be repeats for you. For the ones that don't follow my everyday life through my phone, here are some pictures from August and September. 
 1. Alicia braided my hair for delivery, and completely jinxed it. 2. Seb getting ready to vote at the Swedish consulate. 3. Morning walks around the piers. 4. Sunday walk in West Village. 5. Candy from Sockerbit in West Village. 6. Seb working out while his supporting wife fills the water bottle. 
1. Breakfast pizza at Cookshop. 2. View from our rooftop. 3. The High Line in the early morning before tourist wake up. 4. Belly shot from above week 36. 5. Afternoon nap time. 6. Bathroom selfie week 38. 

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